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Fall Plant Sale 2014


Thursday, October 16th 9:00-6:00pm (Member's Day)


Friday, October 17th 9:00-6:00pm (all welcome)


Saturday, October 18th 9:00-4:00pm (all welcome)


Visit the Nursery at Wing Haven for our Fall Plant Sale- just in time for the autumn planting season. Choose from a variety of natives, rare and unusual plants, or take home a piece of Wing Haven with one of our most treasured Legacy Plants that are propogated on site.


Volunteers and staff will be available to educate and assist with purchases. Learn while you shop!


Two Gardens. One Experience.

A generation ago two extraordinary women named Elizabeth lived and gardened just down the street from one another on Ridgewood Avenue…


Elizabeth Clarkson was not your garden variety gardener: This Elizabeth developed her formal garden as a habitat for songbirds—long before the horticultural concept of the garden as habitat existed.


Elizabeth Lawrence wrote the book on southern gardening: This Elizabeth, author of A Southern Garden, designed her garden as a plant laboratory in which she might grow some of everything that grows.


Elizabeth Clarkson photo Elizabeth Lawrence photo
Elizabeth Clarkson Elizabeth Lawrence


Together, Elizabeth Lawrence and Eddie and Elizabeth Clarkson made Ridgewood Avenue in Charlotte, North Carolina, one of the most famous addresses in Southern garden history. What is most remarkable about this fact is that, relative to the great gardens of America, the Lawrence and Clarkson gardens were extremely modest in size, though fully expressing the intentions and obsessions of the gardeners who made them. (From No One Gardens Alone: A Life of Elizabeth Lawrence by Emily Herring Wilson)

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